Research series of the National Platform Science & Technology

1 oktober 2009

In 2000, European ministers formulated the ambition to become the foremost innovative and knowledge intensive economy of the world, and stressed the need to increase the number of science and technology workers and graduates by 15% in 2010 and a redress of the gender imbalance. In the Netherlands this led to a policy document Deltaplan Bèta Techniek formulating the Dutch ambitions regarding the Lisbon agreement. In 2004, the government commissioned an independent foundation, the National  Platform Science & Technology, with the task to design a comprehensive approach towards allocating and monitoring the Dutch efforts to improve the science, technology, engineering and mathematics education (STEM) and labour market. The National Platform formulated a comprehensive approach, called the chain approach, where stimulation programmes were started covering the whole educational chain, from elementary through higher education, as well as specific programmes geared towards the labour market of science and technology.

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